Uzbek Virgin Hair (Central Asia) - Bulk


Virgin Uzbek Remy Hair is rapidly becoming one of the most popular type of human hair for wigs and hair extensions. We know our customers want long-lasting gorgeous human hair. That is why we take our time when selecting each batch of hair for a product you can rely on. Natural colors for this hair goes from Off-Black to Dark Brown Chestnut.

Uzbek Bleached Natural Hair


Our lengths range from 30 cm to 85 cm.  


We also offer Uzbek Remy Single Drawn Blond Hair.


Our manufacturer is one of the most prominent processors of finest quality Remy Single Drawn Blond Hair in Uzbekistan. Equipped with all the facilities, we can deliver the bulk supply of processed human hair to our clients in a short span of time. Our bleached human hair is only of top quality and the cuticle of the hair is intact which in turn allows the hair to maintain a healthy look much longer than usual with bleached products. 


Our lengths range from 40 cm to 70 cm.


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